An Underwater

Field Guide to Pt Lobos

This site is devoted to the pleasure of SCUBA diving in the pristine waters of Pt Lobos State Park. The material on this site is intended to provide information on what you can see under the surface of Pt Lobos. Most of the pictures on this site were taken during dives at Pt Lobos. We hope you enjoy your visit.

How to use this Field Guide
Use the navigation bar on the left to explore the site, then use the 'Home' button, found on each page, to return here. A page may have additional text and images under the tabs. Some of the pages with a large number of images may take a while to load depending on your internet connection speed. We will be updating the site as new or better pictures become available. If you would like to provide feedback or contribute please let us know, use the 'Contact us' button to send email.

"....leave only bubbles, take only pictures and touch nothing."